An Artist’s Inspiration – Vive Le Tour!

If there is any question as to where some of the inspiration for my work comes from all one needs to do is to follow the coverage of the Tour de France on NBC Sports. The spectacular scenery of the first three stages of the three week race alone cries for an artist’s brush – or in my case Exacto knives, colored tissue, and acrylic urethane. The race began on the island of Corsica, surrounded by a crystal blue Mediterranean. The coastal roads provided an endless supply of twists and turns around beautiful and very vertical backdrops of volcanic and granitic stone. The coast itself was comprised of tiny white sand beaches tucked deeply into small lagoons, small bays, and inlets accented by verdant greens of dense wooded areas. The villages were 19th century through and through with walls of adobe yellows and buff tans topped with the terra cotta oranges of tiled roofs. Ground level featured rich browns and deep reds of dark bricks and deep greys of cobbles. The contrasts in color and texture were as brilliant as they were stark. It was primary color time in every way!

Yet as beautiful as the setting was, it was the cacophony of color of the professional peloton, that amorphous mass of human athleticism flying through the narrow byways that took one’s breath away not to mentioned stirred every fiber of creativity residing inside this artist. The word “spectacular” does not begin to describe the flow of color and speed as these cyclists chased their own versions of the “golden fleece”. As defines the sport, beauty and brutality reigned simultaneously. The mountain roads inflicted pain early and often, both as riders climbed them but also as they descended at astounding speeds where one mistake could launch a drop of hundreds of feet unto the rocks of the shore below. Truly, the 100th Tour de France is off to a picturesque start.

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