Why Paper

As many of you know, we do upwards of sixteen events a year. When people view my work for the first time, invariably, two questions arise. “Is this paint?”, followed by “Why paper?”. The latter [...]

Michelle II

A few days ago, I received the following from (for a distinct want of a better term) my partner Michelle. I had been feeling totally overwhelmed, frustrated and demoralized by the pain and lack [...]


I have enjoyed the response to a recently released piece entitled “Remount”. The genesis for the piece is kind of interesting. I have been fortunate in being able to display my work in a variety [...]

Huh, Giclee?

Many of the folks who have seen my work, enjoyed this website and/or have inquired about the purchase of a piece, have asked the same question, “What is a giclee?” You are not alone. I asked the [...]