We understand that a commission is a partnership. For this reason, before undertaking any work, we want to get to know you better. We welcome commissions on a limited basis, and the projects are on a spectrum from customization of a theme portrayed in an existing piece, to the exploration of a subject going in an entirely new direction.

Our past work has included the successful production of both promotional graphics for posters and new original works for collectors.

How We Work

In most cases, before undertaking the commission, we meet with you at our studios in person for an “up close and personal” look at samples of our artwork.

We begin by focusing on a few specific ideas for the finished product, along with your expectations for this new piece. With individual pieces, we will also discuss the size and where the work will be shown.

For commercial or promotional pieces, text, graphic specifications, color choices and use of the piece are reviewed. At this point, it is also good to have a clear understanding who will be the person to approve the final product.

And finally – the nitty gritty – we come up with a short written agreement which encompasses the specifications, date of delivery, costs for initial studies and the final costs for the commission.

  • At times dark, at times whimsical, at times psychedelic, at times childlike. But every piece drips with his passion for the life fueled by the bike. His work on our behalf at the Providence Cyclocross Festival steered us towards a marriage of art and cycling. Doug delivered the passionate imagery we needed to convey the passion we put into our event promotion. Doug set us apart from the competition.

    Richard Fries Race Promoter and Executive Director of MassBike
  • The job of the artist is to go the edge and report back. But to ride a bicycle, to really ride as Doug Dale has done for most of his life, is to go the edge...and then find your way back, sometimes barely. And then go back out the next day just a little more boldly and develop a sense of joy in what makes most people extremely anxious. Doug brings that sentiment to his art.

    Richard Fries Race Promoter and Executive Director of MassBike

A Unique Approach

In choosing DUG Art, you can count on the most creative approaches to your artwork. And in addition, we can promise that your experience will be easy, collaborative and enjoyable, from start to finish.

I love creating unique pieces to your specifications.

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