Legacy – Jerseys That Look Back at You, Past and Present

As many of you know, I make giclée reproductions of most of the original work that I create. Giclées are fine art digital reproductions whose origin is based on the advent and development of digital inkjet printers.

Rob Caswell, my digital imaging magician at Evolv, creates our giclées. His color matching is so exact that from just a foot or two away from the piece, viewers cannot tell the difference between the original and the reproduction (until they reach out and touch the surfaces, that is). In the Legacy piece, Rob went one step further.

The piece features a series of black and white photographic images of champion cyclists of the past century.

Many of the photos were of low quality, grainy and indistinct. Rob was able to sharpen the images to such an extent that it substantially heightened the visual impact of the total piece. When I viewed the initial proof I was amazed to see that that I liked the giclée BETTER than the original. The reception I have received for Legacy has been far more positive than I ever expected.

The background is composed of a layer of gift wrap that is printed with 17th century world maps. The maps depict mostly the western hemisphere – hence a Euro emphasis – and contain illustrations of explorers surrounded by a clutch of filigree detail.

Eleven cyclists overlay the map, representing most of the major “pro bicycle racing” nations. Each cyclist has two sets of images included on their jersey. One is an image of the banner of a newspaper from that nation. The other includes head shots of champions from their country of origin – past and present.

There is a high degree of detail to this piece, and I originally thought it too busy to have the intended informational impact.

However, many of the riders are looking out at the viewer either directly, or with a wide variety of interesting expressions.

It is these impressions that seem to carry the piece to good effect. Their expressions almost jump out at the viewer. I’m quite happy with the result, especially in the Caswell enhanced version, both thematically and artistically.

It’s all in the details.

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