October Update

First, an announcement – Over the last month we have received a bunch of inquiries about whether we would be attending this year’s Philadelphia Bicycle Expo.  We have decided NOT to attend.  I apologize for not making everyone aware of this decision sooner. Between the ongoing negative variables associated with the ongoing pandemic and certain logistical obstacles involving access to the Philadelphia Convention Center, it became clear that we would have to forego this year’s event.

As is usual for us in anticipation of a show I have created some new work shown below.

Some of this work will be available for online sales as limited addition archive prints while others are only available as originals. Contact me at info@dugartwork.com any questions or requests for my work.

Speaking of work – and “originals” – I have received an increasing number of folks wondering if I would create a unique work for them. The answer is “yes”. I will gladly discuss ideas and images people have in mind. If those ideas fit within the parameters of my creative abilities along with a mutually agreed upon time frame to complete the project, I will gladly provide a quote on price. If you are interested in a piece as a gift for the upcoming holiday season, please contact me as soon as possible.

Speaking of the upcoming holiday season, I want to make all of you aware that the shipping and delivery times for shipments has increased substantially. We have experienced problems with all expediters including Fedex, U.S. Postal, and UPS. The more lead time we have to fulfill your requests the better.

Thanks to all of you who continue to be in touch with us. As I mentioned last month, you are critically important to my creative endeavors.

Enjoy, and read more soon.

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