Of Art and Cycling

As the Armstrong saga continues to provide seemingly endless grist for cycling journalists copy mill there is a whole new era unfolding that – thankfully – Velo magazine has begun to explore with some real emphasis. No matter what your emotional/intellectual response is to the use of drugs on the top professional levels of our sport, if you are anything like me, that is, loving the sport and accepting of the fact that drugs are endemic to professional sports no matter what the sport, then you are ready to say, “ENOUGH ALREADY”. Velo has begun to feature cyclists who reflect the real base of our sport the folks who ride in the age group, experience/achievement, and – especially – the Masters levels. These women and men athletes recall, for me, the term “amateurs”. They have careers and jobs outside of bicycle racing, yet they have a passion for the sport and dedicate themselves to excellence for both the intrinsic and a few extrinsic reasons (not much in the way of material reward at these levels). The tales of deep sacrifice, epic training rides, and intense competition are stories we can all relate to because they involve men and women athletes like you and me. I commend Velo for promoting an aspect of our sport that we can relate to as being closer to our own experiences.

Speaking of “enough already” I should veer away from the cycling world into the equally intense but somewhat less physical world of creating art. Michelle and I are in the mist of preparations for our second big event of 2013, the month long display of my work at Provisions, a purveyor of a huge selection of wine, craft beers, gourmet vinegars, olive oils and cheeses. Provisions has provided artists with wonderful space to display their work in and among the vast array of these delectables. To be selected artists must submit their work to a jury who then selects who will be rewarded with a month to show their work. Given the large community of artists in the Northampton, Mass. area where Provisions is located, this opportunity elicited almost the same emotional charge as winning a bike race for me (I apologize to my non-cycling friends for yet another the cycling reference). We hang the show of approximately 10 works on June 9th.

I hope all of you will attend our opening reception at Provisions on Friday, June 14 (5 -7 PM). It should be a fun evening! The work will be on display until July 5th.

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