Spring and Battenkill

Finally, quintessential spring like weather has arrived bringing with it all of the magnificence of color that only Mother Nature can provide. The literal – and figurative – grey pall that had existed has given way to multitudinous shades of green, stark whites and vivid pinks, reds, yellows and violets all set against the grandest cerulean blue sky. It is truly a feast for the artist’s eyes. It makes being out on the bike a sensory overload that even post ride endorphins cannot match.

It is unfortunate that spring couldn’t have arrived two weeks ago for the Battenkill bicycle race weekend. But, despite the weather DUG Art’s second foray into the world of being part of an exposition was a major league success. Michelle Hurley, my long time friend and partner in DUG Art did an amazing job in researching, purchasing and organizing everything associated with the booth we used to display my artwork. Her insistence on a full dress rehearsal a week prior to leaving for Battenkill significantly reduced the difficulty of erecting a tent in the cold rain and freezing wind that greeted us on the Friday of the expo opening. The structures she sourced for the actual display of my work made the work of hanging originals, giclees and posters in an organized and inviting way unbelievably easy. So as the weather cleared Expo attendees were drawn to the booth in numbers we never anticipated.

Art is about creating a conversation. Since the central theme for the work I was showing had to do with the core of the weekend, namely bicycle racing, the work displayed became a catalyst for some of the most wonderful conversations I have ever experienced combining both art and the sport. I had a long conversation with a leader of the U.S. Army cycling team whose members race at a high level despite having to train around deployments to some of the most dangerous regions in the world. If you ever want to feel pride in our country talk to this group of men and women. All had put their lives at risk and several had paid a dear price for undertaking those risks. Yet the zest for their racing was complete as is my admiration. My interaction with them would not have taken place without the DUG booth. If this is any indication of the experiences we will have in the coming months as we show in Putnam, N.Y., Northampton, Mass., Lenox, Mass. or Doylestown PA. I can’t wait!!!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by the booth, particularly those who thought enough of my work to add it to their lives. And, a special thanks to Michelle for being such a pivotal part of this undertaking.

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