Let me personally welcome you to DUG’s universe of thoughts and actions. Explanations first… What does “DUG” stand for? It is not an acronym for anything that I know of. DUG was born from a phonetic spelling of my name by my partner Michelle Hurley’s (more about Michelle in coming blogs) young niece when she wrote a thank-you note to Michelle and I for taking her to the Eric Carle museum a few years ago. The three of us had spent some time after viewing the exhibits in the museum’s children’s studio creating our own works of art using colored tissue and liquid “Modge Podge”. Phoebe decided to do an exact replica of the cover of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, not an easy undertaking for an 8 year old nor one that could be done quickly. Her perseverance was as remarkable as the quality of the work she was creating. To fill the time necessary to allow Phoebe to complete her piece, I began to do a bit of creating on my own using the tissue paper and liquid medium (which gives a level of translucence to the paper allowing for changes in shades, color tones etc as layers of different color are incorporated) as well as acting as a glue.[/vc_column_text]

As we worked I remembered my experience as camp counselor at the Creative Arts Camp (a federally sponsored project for urban youth) in Bridgeport, Ct. in the 1960’s, using the same materials. The mandate at the camp was to actively participate with the campers in any of the activities they were doing. One of the activities was to create a piece of art using the same materials as the ones in front of Phoebe and I at the museum. That fond memory, plus the fun of working along side Phoebe, renewed an old desire to create my own art.

The materials I now use are the same colored tissue and a liquid medium (these days I use acrylic urethane) as the day spent with Phoebe or those days working at the Creative Arts Camp. Added to the “basics” I now use commercial giftwrap, a wide range of more exotic printed papers, as well as some acrylic paint for some detail work.

The confluence of the memories and the fun we all were having were the genesis for “DUG” Art. These were the catalytic circumstances for my immersing myself in this new passion. However, there were other influences as well. As time goes on I will share these with the readers of this blog.

Many of you who read this share another passion with me. It is one which I am certainly better known for than my art – that is bicycle racing. Lest you think that this blog will be devoted only to art let me assure all of my readers that cycling will be a frequent topic as well. Everything from training tips, to historical meanderings, to the many of the exciting changes occurring in the sport; all will be under discussion.

So check in regularly.

By the way, let me add that Michelle and I had a marvelous time with the folks who attended the Battenkill Race weekend. It was an honor to be among what has become a “home crowd” and one that appreciated our art so much.

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